Kenya Undergraduate Scholarships 2012-2013

Undergraduate Scholarships for Kenyan Students

African Canadian Continuing Education Society – ACCES

  • ACCES supports enabled high school graduates to continue their education through Kenya Scholarships and so to embark upon a career. Sponsoring post-secondary students at $50/month to continue their studies and begin a career.

DayStar University

  • has a number of different scholarships. The process for qualification and application with depend on the individual scholarship. Daystar is glad to offer this variety in scholarships and it helps them to assist many different students in unique situations. Scholarship include full and half tuition

Higher Education Loans Board

  • The Higher Education Loans Board, established by an Act of Parliament on the July 21, 1995 through Kenya Gazette Supplement (Cap 213A) supports needy Kenyan students in institutions of higher learning both in local schools and also students that are study abroad.

East African Breweries Limited

  • The EABL Foundation, is the corporate foundation associated with the brewery. The foundation helps strengthen the lives of the under resourced throughout East Africa. Each year the foundation offers scholarship that help students join in country universities. The scholarship are offered to students across the country in various fields of study and they cover most expenses associated with a higher education degree including tuition, books and a monthly allowance.

Kenyatta University Scholarships

Kenyatta University Scholarships

St. Lawrence awards Scholarships to Kenyan students

  • St Lawrence offers Scholarships to Kenyan students with a full scholarship covering for tuition, fees, room and board, insurance, books, and miscellaneous expenses. They are awarded each year.

Swedish Institute Study Scholarships

  • Starting in August 2012-2013, Sweden is targeting highly-qualified students. The country is allowing about 120 scholarships to be awarded to international students, covering both living costs and tuition fees.

University of East Anglia – International Scholarships

  • All international students (expect those living in an EU country), are able to apply for this Scholarship. They range between ten and fifty per cent of school tuition fees. When apply for for students admission should note that they desire to apply for a UEA scholarship. UEA Scholarships are given based on academic merit and are usually for the entire period of study. This is 3 years for Bachelor or PhD degrees and 1 year for a graduate or Masters program.

University of Sheffield – Kenya 50% Scholarships

  • The aim is to assist students from Kenya who need financial assistance. Studying oversees is major undertaking and the university wants to support people. The university offers a variety of Scholarships who show exceptional academic performance and potential and are starting their studies at the University of Sheffield in the upcoming year.

Sydney Achievers International Scholarships

  • The University of Sydney offers 30 scholarships each per annum that is available for a maximum of three years for any Undergraduate program offered at the University of Sydney.


  • The education part of this agency has an interest in developing education opportunities for marginalized populations in different areas of Kenya – this include the North Eastern, Eastern, Coast and slums in Nairobi. There is a specific focus within this area on the minority Muslim population who have, in the past, been marginalized.

Windle Trust International

  • a charity based in the UK. They also have offices in Sudan with partner organization in Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda. They provide funding  educational access and training.
  • IT is there desire to work with the youth of African and help them overcome the challenges of deveopment in their country. There programs include scholarships for study in various levels of schooling, help with language study and assistance for refugees.

York University – International Entrance Scholarship

  • York University – International Entrance Scholarship grants $100,000 that is spread in to $25,000 each year for 4 years. It requires the highest academic average, demonstrated leadership skill, and some letters of recommendation. To renew the scholarship, grantee must maintain a high academic standing (7.80 on a 9-point York scale) in each academic year at York.
    Kenya Undergraduate Scholarships

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  1. Rosemary wanjiku says:

    How would i am a continuing student at Kenyatta University, how would get an undergraduate B-ed scholarship ? please help me out am in need of fee support, God bless you.

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